What can you upgrade in your laptop, and is it worth it?

   If you have 5+ years old laptop, it is time for a new one. Don`t get me wrong, some of you might have an old laptop that sits on their desk 99% of the time, and it is used primarily for emails, facebook, and youtube – you are fine, there is no need for a new one. But if you are always on the move, using it at school or work, you probably noticed that it is already slowing down, the battery life is not so great, and even maybe some of the keys are missing.

   Upgrades are not a bad idea in general, but what you can change in a laptop:

Processor and video card – those are out of the question. On almost every processor and video card are soldered to the motherboard. This is something that an average user can`t deal with. A new laptop might be a better option.

RAM – you can always add some extra RAM if your motherboard can support it. Always check with the manufacturer before you purchase additional RAM memory because in many cases motherboards are limited to 2GB or 4GB of RAM, even if you have available slots.
*Keep in mind, that replacing RAM might be an easy task to do on some laptops (literally remove a single screw and pop the cover), while on others you will have to take the whole back cover to be able to reach the RAM slots.

Hard disk – SSD will make a big difference in boot times, overall performance, and uses less power. Even though SSD`s price is going down, cost per GB for SSD is still higher than for a regular HDD. You can still replace it, but you might not have as much space as you used to. Now if you have M2 slot you are in luck, you can purchase M2 SSD, install it and move the OS to it. And leave all your data on the regular HDD.
*Replacing hard drive in a laptop is not as easy as it sounds. It requires knowledge of components, software to transfer your OS to the new disk, and troubleshooting skills in case something goes wrong.

Battery – this is probably the easiest upgrade that can be done. Just make sure that you are getting the correct model battery from the manufacturer.
*Older model laptops have a removable battery that is easy to replace. The newer models from the last couple of years come with built-in batteries. Those are harder to be replaced, and most likely you are going to need professional hel

   If you are an average user, it is better to look for professional help when trying to add any new components to your laptop. Lack of knowledge may lead to breaking and destroying your laptop and the new parts.